Rehearsal Procedures

Total attention is a must!  This means no talking among yourselves and eyes on the director and your music. Learning to develop concentration and how to ignore distractions is a skill that we hope to help you develop! This is a skill you must learn to be able to perform professionally. Correct posture is also extremely important. Without a strong and alert body, our voices become undependable!

When Standing

a. Hands at your side

b. Weight evenly distributed between the feet

c. Feet apart in line with the width of the hips

d. Throat, head and jaw free and loose

e. Eyes ahead

f. Never slump or allow the rib cage to fall

g. Do not lock the knees

When Sitting

Posture is the very same but in a sitting position. Music should be held up off the lap or on a music stand so the head does not dip and the director can always be seen. When singing, sit forward on the chair and never allow your back to touch the back of the chair.

One concept we hope for our students to embrace is that a silence is not called for punishment. It is a skill, designed to make our product more effective and professional. Not only does it aid us in preparing and executing our productions, it teaches our students a lesson in self-discipline.

In rehearsal the expectation is that when an instructor requests silence, students will comply immediately. If this is difficult for a student they will be asked to remove themselves from rehearsal for a period of 5 minutes under the supervision of a parent volunteer.

Rehearsal space
Our rehearsal space is leased to us and we want to make sure to comply with our contract with the facility. It is imperative that we keep all areas clean, as we found them, and please remove anything that may have been brought in e.g. food packaging/items for snack time. Also, no sibling/family member should be left unsupervised or any individual in any other area than waiting area and rehearsal room.